We manufacture HDPE plastic lids for containers and metal dumpsters that are highly resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays and impacts, and can withstand any weather conditions.

Five reasons to choose our plastic lids:

  1. Our lids are equipped with reinforced hinges to increase their lifespan.
  2. Our products are flexible and easy to maintain, requiring no additional protection (such as anti-corrosion products).
  3. Our plastic lids play an important role in workplace safety. Our lids are lighter than metal lids, greatly reducing the number of accidents related to handling heavy container lids.
  4. We offer a seven-year warranty on our plastic lids.
  5. We offer options of various sizes:
    - 36" x 58"
    - 36" x 48"
    - 36" x 40"
    - 36" x 24"
    - 31" x 50"
    - 16" x 24" side door
    - 24" x 30" side door
    - 30" x 30" side door

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